Muted forum tags not visible on homepage when watching/tracking

I have a certain tag muted under a category, because there are a lot of weekly threads genereated that are irrelevant to me. I still have few threads there I want to follow, though. However, even if I have those threads as watching/tracking, they don’t show up on my main/latest page.

I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work, as I believe this is a pretty common use-case? At least muted categories show up when you track/set them as watched, so this feels a bit inconsistent.

Any thoughts? Is this a bug?


Hi, polka :parrot: !

It seems related to Muted categories should not hide Tracked/Watched topics, where a change was made:

Other changes have been made after, so the code isn’t the same anymore, but it fixed the similar issue for categories.

I can repro the issue you describe:

  1. Mute a tag

  2. Track or watch a topic having this tag

  3. The topic doesn’t appear in Latest. When a new message is created, it only appears in the New tab, but not on Latest.

Right: posting on the watched topic having a muted tag.
Left: the notification only appears on New, but the topic never appears in Latest.

I feel the behavior should be the same as with the categories: if I mute a category and then track or watch a topic from this category, it always appears on Latest.

It seems like a missing feature, but feels more like a bug because the behavior is inconsistent with how categories work in this regard, so I’ve moved your topic in bug.