My community users can't post anything

Hi, I’m fairly new to hosting a Discourse forum (not self hosted). I have been using Discourse as a user in other occatsons though. I have a basic plan, and I have added a bunch of users to the forum already, but they are having trouble to post anything.

Is there a special feature that I have to enable to let them post in different categories?

Explain the troubles, users are facing.

In your role as admin, you can impersonate users facing troubles to investigate:


Hello and welcome @Rudi_B :slight_smile:

If they can see the topics but not reply to them it may be worth checking your category permissions and making sure that ‘everyone’ can see, reply, and create.

There’s a bit more info in this topic - Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings)


Thank you very much! I’ll try this

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Perfect, I’ll dive into it! Thx :slight_smile: