My website is always down

I really don’t think it’s worth nickel and diming space.

All this will fill up again.

Address the bigger issue; you’ve outgrown this sever.

Spin up a bigger one and migrate asap.

Recover this server only to create or move a backup file.


Possibly, but if the server has never had a ./launcher cleanup then it could be old images jamming the place up. It seems like it was created from a one-click install, so may have skipped the server maintenance section of the standard install.

I’d quite like to see the output of docker images to confirm, but if there’s an orphaned one in there that’s prime for removal, and that frees up enough space to get it back online and on the right maintenance track, that should give a clearer picture.

But you’re right, resizing may be simpler.


You are right that’s worth a try.

You could also consider moving to another server of equal size to resolve the local issue.


I also suspect 5 full backups of an “upload intensive” forum (but that would also be good news, the existence of full backups :sweat_smile:)


5 is arguably excessive, 3 is probably good enough?


I think I followed your advice about that actually, or maybe it was Jay, I kept 5 by default but only because I’ve got room to spare on s3, I’ve set the frequency to every two days (that was after the ovh’s datacenter fire) and backup with uploads is on by default.

In that case, with 5Go uploads, that would amount to 25+ for backups + maybe a system a little bloated, that’s almost 50G probably


Hi @Danielabc :slight_smile: Your forum seems to be working again at least, so you must be doing something right. :+1: