N8n support for Discourse - Automation Tool

Continuing the discussion from How to make requests to the Discourse API with Zapier:

Open source variation of Zapier and IFTTT, similar to Node-Red and TriggerHappy, which is easy to use and currently supports about 150 apps. Could be a useful way to automate posting to a particular topic / category / group or perhaps sending custom notifications. Linked site includes all documentation for writing custom integrations. Curious on potential ways to implement this with Discourse.


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Does it currently support discourse?

Is there a particular thing that you’d like to do with it?

I was curious on what others think… my mind has been concerned with chat integrations based on tags triggering actions, and groups moderating things.

Looking over n8n current integrations, a few things come to mind. This post on integrating IFTTT is really helpful for triggering Posts, Topics and PM’s.

It would be awesome if a trigger could also relate to tags.

Integration might currently allow:

  • Custom Chat Notifications to unsupported services
  • Custom RSS feeds
  • Migrate Trello cards / boards to Discourse
  • Federate Posts, Topics, PM’s to Mastodon / Pleroma / ActivityPub
  • Creation of a particular Topic triggers a new chat room to be opened in Matrix and linked back as a Post.
  • Creation of a Topic on my Discourse causes the Topic to be posted on your Discourse as well.

One of the most interesting aspects of automation is it allows 2-way communication. Trello could be running in addition to the Kanban component on Discourse, continuously communicating. Or a conversation mirroring between Slack and Discourse. Hope this helps get the ideas flowing.