Need a Discourse Expert to identify issues and assist with our issues

Hi all, non-coder here, but I am a project manager for tech projects in international development work.

I’ve got some major problems with my instance of Discourse. I am seeking help.

About a year ago, my company hired a design to build a website (, and the process was pretty ugly. By the end of it, the developers were way over budget, and there wasn’t money left to attend to/structure/ customize/and in the end, utilize the Discourse forum as we had originally hoped.

Thus, the forum sat nascent for a year. Now, the branding site has now been rebuilt it in Wordpress. Everything works better with it. Now, I am looking to fix the issues with the Discourse forum.

There has been a myriad of troubles that I suspect have multiple problems. They include:

  1. Our mailgun notifications going to spam (at best), or not being received,
  2. Admin invite and credentialing functionality failing completely
  3. A sidekik error message (Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse: Sidekiq is not running. Many tasks, like sending emails, are executed asynchronously by sidekiq. Please ensure at least one sidekiq process is running.)
  4. Bulk invite functionality failing completely
  5. Inability to update Discourse to a new version (we are running 1.4.3-dirty)
  6. The "upgrade from browser’ email link functionality leads to “page not found”

I need someone to help diagnose the problems (mailgun related? server environment related?) give recommendations for solutions, and work with our appropriate staff to move ahead. Obviously, happy to discuss payment and hours. Thank you!

Any particular why you’re not using our premium cloud hosting? Unless self-hosting is a strict requirement, it sounds to me like managed hosting would actually be the cheapest alternative in this case.


We self hosted because we wanted an internal ‘hand on wheel’ to do updates, etc. That said, our internal process clearly needs work, as those updates haven’t happened to date. Perhaps time to reevaluate hosting solutions.


I’ll suggest to seriously consider the cloud hosting as @erlend_sh stated. It will save you from such operational issues with regards to infrastructure so that you can really focus on building your community portal.

Issue resolved. Thank you everyone.