Need a way to easily see who has access to the Lounge

(Lowell Heddings) #1

My forum is pretty small so we haven’t really used the Lounge category. The biggest problem, I think, is that nobody has any idea who has access to the Lounge or how it works.

When I navigate to the Lounge category, this is what I see, which doesn’t really help me. Why can’t I see who else has access to this private category? I’m better off just using private messages.

The bigger problem is that the Lounge appears to be tied to trust level 3, and you can be automatically demoted from level 3 down to level 2 if you don’t come around for a week or a day… and there’s no explanation for anybody involved on anything that is happening.

Case in point: I was granted Lounge here on Meta for one day. I posted a bunch of times on a Lounge topic that I was mentioned in, and then the next day I’m not included anymore. I can’t even see the Lounge. It’s almost like it never happened.

Either I’m trusted and should be in the Lounge or I’m not. And once I’m in a lounge, I should be able to look around that lounge and see who else is also in the lounge. And if I’m not contributing anymore to the lounge and I’m being asked to leave the lounge, then I should be informed of this instead of being drugged and secretly moved out of the lounge with no memory that it happened. There should also be cigars and whiskey in the lounge.

This is a feature that doesn’t really make any sense.

(Ben T) #2

You can look at who is granted the Leader badge. It looks like it stays in sync with trust level promotions. You can find it on the badges page; as the ID may be different. I’ve linked the page for meta below:

(Lowell Heddings) #3

So I have to find that secret squirrel page and then figure out who is in the list.

I “Earned Leader” just a day or two ago. But I’m not in the list anymore, no explanation why or how I can earn the leader badge but not have the leader badge.

In any case, the Lounge is still useless if I (as a user) have to find a secret page and check it to see who else is currently in the lounge.

(Sam Saffron) #4

I discussed this elsewhere, but I really wanted to add a “trust_level_3_alumni” group and then you could just allow access to lounge to that group and resolve this.

Also, there is the ghetto Discourse Meta

(Jeff Atwood) #5

That’s one way – just admin, groups, click on trust_level_3 on the left there.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The idea is that you actually don’t have access to the Frequent Flier’s Lounge if you no longer fly a lot on airplanes, though.

In your case I manually granted you access by changing your trust level in /admin.

(Sam Saffron) #7

that said there is definite problem stripping people from visibility on posts they created.

(Lowell Heddings) #8

Yeah, but when I go into the Centurion Lounge, I can at least see who else is also sitting in that same lounge.

And even if I can’t get in the door, I can at least see that there is a door. And the door man will tell me why I can’t get into the lounge today.

(Lowell Heddings) #9

It’s worth noting that I’m not against the idea of an unmarked secret door for private categories.

I’m just saying, once you know about the door, then it’s not a secret anymore.

(Michael Downey) #10

Seems like the default badge grants should always explain the behavior that earns the badge, but not necessarily the perks.

(Lowell Heddings) #11

I dunno, that didn’t seem to change anything. Can’t see the lounge. It’s not a big deal.

I also notice that I no longer have the Leader badge despite still seeing in the drop-down that it was granted. Do the badges go away?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Looks like this is a bug with manually granting trust level 3, cc: @sam and @neil.

(Lowell Heddings) #13

I was about to post a new topic complaining that the Lounge is pretty useless for anybody who has access to it because you can’t see who actually has access to it.

Luckily I searched first to see if anybody else had the same complaint, and realized that I had already posted it.

There really needs to be a way for users (not admins or moderators) to see who has access to the lounge.

(Mittineague) #14

How’s this?

(Lowell Heddings) #15

There should be a message or button that links to that from the lounge.

(Kane York) #16

Instead of solving this for the Lounge, how about we solve it in general?

There should be a way for members of a secure category to see the security permissions on that category.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

There is, on new installs the lounge default topic links to that exact badge page.

Your install pre-dates this existing, though, so the default lounge topic would be different.

(Michael Downey) #18

Sure wish there was a way to back port all the great content developed in the last couple years!