Need an advice, related to latest upgrade message

Hi guys :wave:

I have installed Discourse a few days ago and as far as I can see, it is all up to date:

When I looked at the upgrade section, I saw this message (New version available!
Latest version: v3.2.0.beta3 +112 / Last updated: 1 day) and was wondering, if I really need to install it :thinking:

Isn’t my installation a totally different one? Or do I totally misunderstand this? Would be great to get a hint.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Commits are pushed on a daily basis to tests-passed - you are almost always behind if following that branch :slight_smile: - and that’s nothing to worry about and normal.

There is no need to upgrade super-regularly unless you notice a bug has been fixed that was impacting you or there is a message on the dashboard telling you to upgrade because of a critical matter (which usually results in a red, sad-face icon).

Upgrading once a month is usually good enough.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply, Robert :pray:


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