Need category name to remove "all categories" list

If there was a category name like “Meta” to isolate from all the other categories listed in “all categories”. Then two or more main categories are listed in “all categories” but not Meta.

More succinctly, is there a way to select “all categories” without listing special marked categories. A simple box checked creating these categories won’t be viewed “all categories”.

Can you explain a little more about what you’re trying to achieve?

I need to be able to create a category list to assign to “all categories” or just select any category menu to remove the list of “all categories”. This way a category called perhaps “meta” or “legal” won’t be viewed when pressing “all categories”. Now, Discourse selects any one category or all categories.

Again that sounds more like a presumed solution than a desired outcome.

Why do you need the above? What are you trying to achieve?

It sounds like he wants to hide certain categories from the categories list. I wonder if it would be sufficient to mute those categories, in combination with this theme component:

I would need the categories “meta” and “uncategorized” still on the category list but not merged with other categories in - “all category”. Users would need to press these two categories and not see the two when pressed “all category”. This achieves my users focusing on a set of all categories called “all category”. Renaming “all category” to “main categories” might work as a new name.

I don’t want to mute categories but just drop a few categories in the “all category” list.