Need cool plugin feedback suggestions?

Hi All,

This is the Community I have been managing since the last 5 months. Request you all to have a look and suggest me some really good plugins around enhancing user experience. Thanks


Well, ideally, plugins should come from your needs, but sometimes, you see a cool feature you didn’t think about and decide that it would be good for your community.

I don’t know your needs nor your community and I won’t be of much help here, but I illustrate my example with this plugin: Who's Online Plugin (discourse-whos-online)
I didn’t think I needed such a thing, it never crossed my mind. I saw the related topic on meta and installed it on my forum. I think in my case (fairly small community), seeing other people online is an incentive to interact with the forum.


Do keep in mind that if you’re on’s hosting, you’re limited to the plugins available on your tier unless you’re on an Enterprise plan due to how we cluster host sites. If you need something specific, contact us.


Actually, I’m curious about a plugin you are already running… seems pretty cool. Can you please tell me what plugin this is:


Hi @Canapin and @justin. Thank you for the suggestions. We’re on business plan hosting currently. I’m aware that we are limited by the no of plugins we can add.

  1. What plugin would help us give the suggested topic by the end of every topic? Is it possible in this plan?

  2. We would like to add a sidebar at every topic that enlists some of the latest/top topics. Is there a way to enable this experience for users?

@sunjam Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated! However, this is not a template/plugin, we have just customized our CSS/HTML. All the category icons come on top and then latest posts below that.


That’s a feature of core Discourse. No plugin required.