Where are topics related to WordPress integrations where Discourse is a paid subscription?

Hello. New here I just need to understand how to customize Discourse and integrate with WordPress when it’s a Discourse subscription, not self-hosted. It seems I keep getting to topics that get very technical. I get it. All I really want to do is have at the moment is:

Users online, visited in last 24 hours on both Discourse and WordPress
Latest topics titles from Discourse on WordPress

I installed the plugin, I now have the 2 “connected” but Im stuck here. Thanks in advance

Here is a list of the basic documentation topics for setting up WordPress/Discourse integration: https://meta.discourse.org/docs?ascending=false&category=53&search=wordpress%20how-to%20video. This topic is probably the best one to start with: Install and configure the WP Discourse Wordpress plugin for Discourse.

Can you explain in more detail what you are wanting to accomplish? I’m not sure if what you are wanting to do is provided by the plugin out of the box. Possibly this plugin does some of what you are looking for: Wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin. It provides a discourse_latest shortcode that displays the latest Discourse topics on a WordPress site.


Hi thank you - I installed the shortcodes plugin, and it does not output topics, but I can tell it’s recognizing the site because the “link” shortcode is working? Do I have to be on a standard plan before it will work or is there another setting that may be preventing this from displaying? The shortcodes are here: Testing Shortcodes | Get Up Earlier

The other 2 things were on the forum homepage is it possible to show who is online? Or was online recently?

Hey Michael :slight_smile:

The Shortcodes plugin should work for listing topic titles. There’s no plan restriction here. What shortcode are you using and how are you using it?

For Discourse, you’ll want to talk with Discourse support staff (see your admin panel) about the Who’s Online plugin.

For Wordpress, you’ll want to install a Wordpress plugin that does the same thing.

I have these shortcodes:

on this test post:

The plugin is activated and connected:

Thanks so much for the help and info

Hey @Michael_Baker it looks like your forum is private. Have you checked Enable Private Topics on the Shortcodes options page?

That was it! Can you tell me, is there a CSS for the output to customize?
For the Wordpress plugin as a whole?

The output for comments and for these posts are more or less the same, a pure data feed Testing Shortcodes | Get Up Earlier

Both plugins contain minimal styling, as Wordpress themes vary so widely. You’ll need to add some styling into your Wordpress theme.

I am having a hard time locating the classes, is there a default or any premade CSS to refer to to get started? Thanks so much for the help