Need help please! Restore forum from DB backup

As a result of a cloud provider failure, we lost our production forum. There are only Postgres database backups.
Can you tell me what is the correct sequence of actions when restoring from a database backup? And in general, is it possible?
Is there any table inside the database indicating the version of the forum?

Thank you very much in advance!


Have you looked at the #sysadmin documentation on this?


Hi @nahimov :slight_smile:
It’s unnecessary to @mention a team member, so I’ve removed it. They often read meta anyway and will reply if they feel it’s needed.
There are always many people here, whether the team or not, willing to help.

Robert’s link is the standard procedure to follow when restoring the forum. Unless your forum hasn’t been updated for a long time (which is always a bad thing), you should be able to restore your backup on the last Discourse version without issues.


Was it a standard install?

Where are the backups? Are they backups created by Discourse or backups of just postgres taken some other way?