Need help slowing down trolling racist sock accounts

So we have a couple of banned posters that love to Sock up and return.
One is a vile spewing reprobate and users horrible slurs and has gone after posters that recently lost loved ones.

I need some strategies to deploy. I was thinking that there might be a limit to how often a post can be made for posters in their 1st day and/or with less than 50 posts. Can this be done or what are other suggestions.

This would buy us time to determine it is a “Trock” (returning Troll) account and remove them and their posts while minimizing the work and the insults.

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I’ve had problems with a few very stubborn attackers.

Look up the “gray rock technique”. I found it best to not reply or respond to them, because they often just want some attention. Don’t talk about the user publicly (where they can read it) or acknowledge their existence. If no one responds with anger and outrage and their content just gets quietly deleted and banned, they will eventually get bored. It’s still difficult though. The worst one ate up about 40 hours of my time one week before they finally disappeared.

If you go to this dashboard URL /admin/customize/watched_words/action/block you can add words that will cause a post to be held for moderation. Look for the “Silence” item in the left menu: “First posts of users containing these words will require approval by staff before they can be seen and the user will be automatically silenced.”

There’s also this: Google Perspective API Plugin


The Silence feature looks like it could really help.

Thank you so much. I’ll run it by the rest of the staff.

There are a couple of settings that could help with this:

  • max topics in first day (defaults to 3 topics)
  • max replies in first day (defaults to 10 replies)

There is also a newuser max replies per topic setting. It defaults to 3. It sets the maximum number of replies that a new user can make in a single topic until someone has replied to them.


This also looks really helpful. I’ll pass that one to our Admin.

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