Time Delay Required Between Posting


One of our users has posted 3 or 4 (legitimate) posts in a row and got suspended for 24 hours.
I haven’t found such parameter in the settings (rate limits yes, but nothing about the 24 hours suspension). It’s a basic user that just joined the community and was never flagged or banned. What am I missing here?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Are you sure he really got suspended, i.e. got logged out and could not login again?
This really sounds like max topics in first day being hit, which should only temporarily block posting. Suspensions should never be auto-generated by the system.


You’re absolutely right, missed this one.
Thank you!

(Felix Freiberger) #4

Great! Note that there is also a parallel setting for replies (defaults to 10).

Also, you should only increase these values (significantly) if your users are vetted in some way: You don’t want spammers to be able to create a mess that is hard to clean up.


Thanks for the tip, very helpful =)