Need help with my mailing list

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are well, I have basically two issues and seeking your support on both.

  1. When I forward an email to a mailing list, the only thing that appears is the attachment but all the words disappear.

  2. This is on replies, when members of the group reply to an email shared through the mailing list, the response only goes to the specific support email stipulated there, is there a way that I can set the response to go directly to the sender (the person who created the topic) and not the support email because sometimes, its not the person with the access to the support email that creates the topic.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Perhaps an issue with a signature or quote being mis-recognized. Maybe there are b dashes in the email that look like the end of the email to the scanner.

There is not… Discourse does not reveal user’s email addresses.

I once wrote a plugin that included the email address if the sender in the message for this reason. I don’t remember the name and the client doesn’t update discourse often, so it likely is broken how. If you have a budget and can install plugins, you can send me a pm.


Okay I understand that it does not reveal emails, but what I mean is, just like members of the specific mailing list received emails on a specific topics in their inboxes, they can reply to it, either through their emails directly or via the web but the response be received by the sender, most especially in an event where there are various admins in the group, the response should go directly to the specific admin (sender).


They can reply directly to the sender only because the sender’s email address is available in the From: line of the message. Discourse does not share the sender’s email, so there is no way to reply directly to the sender via email.

I have developed this plugin: GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-email-include-address: Include email addresses on emailed notifications for another community whose users don’t want to use Discourse but instead want a mailing list. It hasn’t been updated in 3 years (as I suspect is true for the Discourse instance that I developed this for) so there is a good chance that it is broken.

If you fix it, I’ll welcome a PR. If you need help fixing it and have a budget, you can contact me directly.