Need 'ProCourse Memberships plugin' configured

RE: GitHub - procourse/procourse-memberships: Allow users to purchase access to a user group on Discourse.

Hi all,

I need a confident Discourse developer to configure the ‘‘ProCourse Memberships plugin’’ on my site so that I have two levels of payment options for users posting to my site (a one-off payment, and a monthly recurring subscription).

I would like to link in to BrainTree payment gateway, but PayPal is okay if not possible.

Thank you in advance,

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I never tried with Braintree but it shouldn’t be a big issue.

But you might not need help. Have you checked this guide? It helps with tge gateway config


Thank you Steven. I am not technical at all, and my recent developer had to quit on me for personal reasons. I need a developer to complete this installation for me.

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