Seeking Installer For Hire

Hey there everyone!

I’m looking for someone who can install Discourse on my VPS. I plan to run Wordpress alongside it.

Can anyone provide me with some idea’s on the best way to accomplish this? I’d love to hire someone to get everything set up for me.

If you think you’re up to the task please reply here or email me! admin at

Thank You,

@pfaffman offers such a setup at


Hey there @SLIServers, all posts related to paid jobs need to be in the #marketplace category - I’ve moved this there.

Sharing your budget would help users figure out if this is something they’d be interested in.

For Discourse and Wordpress, @pfaffman provides this service on his website for $250. Jay is endorsed by the Discourse team (his website is linked on the Discourse site).


@jomaxro @cpradio

Thank’s guys, I put in an order with him just now! Can’t wait to be running sweet sweet discourse :smiley:


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