Need to change fonts I chose in setup wizard

Hi all - our team just signed up for a discourse trial, and I believe I already regret the fonts I chose in the onboarding process.
I ended up here looking for ways to change fonts and theming but the theme tab doesn’t show up for me.
Has this moved somewhere else?



I believe that if you are an admin you can change the font again in the wizard. Go to step 8 in the wizard. You can run this without damaging the site :slight_smile:


You could try the above ^

But if it’s just fonts, it might be sufficient to go to Admin - Settings, and change base font and heading font.


Yes that’s the same link as listed above, which didn’t work for me.
Sorry, I should have clarified that in my first post.

When I go there I get:
“# Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

I am the creator/admin of the account.

Thank your @ondrejj - i was able to change the font with your suggestion
Since theming is an offered feature, it still makes me curious why I’m not seeing it.


Did you try re-running the setup wizard?

It is safe to re-run the wizard as many times as you like.