Fonts have changes since last update

Hello, all my site font has changed since I upgraded. Is there anyway to change them back. Thank you

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This is likely the Ariel / Helvetica issue. Run the setup wizard and iterate through all the steps and that should clear it up.


Thank you.

If I run setup wizard this will not delete anything on my forum correct?
Kind regards.

Running the setup wizard will not delete your forum. It is safe to re-run it at any time.

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I know this is the issue since I ran into it myself with a site I self-host; re-running the wizard and iterating through the steps fixed it.


Hello Again,

I just wanted to confirm that I run the wizard again with the font as Ariel but the fonts on the website have still not changed. They are still showing New Roman Times believe.

IS there anything else I could try to resolve it with?

Can I just confirm that Ariel is the default font? That is correct?


I went back in and I changed the font this time to any other font, then I saved and it worked.


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