Waiting for the first digest to be sent

I set up a new Discourse 11 days ago, and no digest has been distributed yet. There are 22 users who haven’t been seen in 8 days or more. The digest is set to weekly cadence, and they should have received their digests by now.

Mail > Sent shows no trace of digests, while many emails are sent for notifications. The Sidekiq Scheduler shows Jobs::EnqueueDigestEmails running fine every 30 minutes, but nothing. Triggering the job manually makes no difference. In “Preview Summary”, I have used “Send this result to” and I have received the test digest all fine.

On the first day I changed the daily frequency of bootstrap mode to the regular weekly cadence, and applied the change retroactively. I haven’t changed anything else. disable digest emails and private email are disabled. For what is worth, the only plugin installed is the official Discourse Voting.

I have set up many other Discourse instances and this was never a problem. I have searched the forum and I haven’t found any similar reports. I don’t know what else to do.

Any ideas to get this working or at least debug the problem?

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Digests are only sent if you stop visiting the site for over 7 days. Is that the case?


No, there are 22 users who haven’t been seen in 8 days or more, according to /admin/users/list/active.

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Never mind. I have been waiting to file this bug 2 days just to be sure that an extra day wasn’t needed. I posted this “bug” 40 minutes ago, and the first batch of digests has been sent 23 minutes ago (without me touching anything). As said, 11 days after this instance was created.

I kind of knew this was going to happen… Sorry for the noise.


It always happens like that :joy:

Atleast you know it’s sorted. :facepunch:t3: