Need to rebuild app after changing app.yml?


If using the Virtual Box (not docker) is there a need to “rebuild the app” after changing app.yml?

I actually copied some files over from the docker install because the file app.yml (taken from standalone.yml) was not there.

Perhaps I am screwing things up.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Wait – are you running a development install? These don’t use container definitions.

Are you trying to develop Discourse, or do you want to run it?


I want to develop.

I was confused trying to set up SMTP so I could create (and then email confirm) a new user. The docs talk about app.yml which comes from standalone.yml. These files are not in the developer install. So I grabbed them from the docker install and things went downhill from there.

What I needed instead was to run

bundle exec sidekiq >& /dev/null &
mailcatcher --http-ip=

Then in a browser, go to http://localhost:4080. Sent emails will be received by mailcatcher and shown in its web ui. When you catch the email with confirmation link change localhost:3000 … to localhost:4000 … and paste that into the browser. It was as simple and intuitive as that :wink: