Upgrade Discourse to 2.3.0.beta4

Hi all,

I have received below email asking me to upgrade.

I click on one-click browser upgrade using my Discourse admin account but then I get to this error page:

What am I doing wrong at this stage?

Thank you! :blush::+1:

What’s the URL of the page that is 404ing?

If you want to upgrade, go to your.discourse/admin/upgrade :wink:


Thanks @zogstrip!

It’s https://community.domain.com/admin/upgrade.

That’s the correct one, right?

You need to log in.

It’s a bummer that the 404 doesn’t suggest that. I think “or is private” is a bit subtle.

@pfaffman I am logged in with the following account:


Are these permissions not sufficient?

Did you remove the docker_manager plugin from app.yml? If so, you’ll need to upgrade by rebuilding the container.


@gerhard I am going to check that. Thanks so much! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

Last time I rebuilt the app via command line it took several minutes for the site to come back online. Will the same thing happen if I do an upgrade using the https://mysite.url/admin/upgrade method?

Just so I can plan doing it when there’s little traffic.

Nope the regular updates via the admin dashboard interface do not result in any downtime on the site. That only happens when you do the full rebuild from the command line.

One thing to keep in mind is occasionally updating will add some background jobs e.g. re-optimizing images which can affect performance temporarily. That does happen pretty rarely but that one re: images was just a couple months ago so something to be aware of if you haven’t updated in a while. Can’t hurt to wait to run the update at a non-peak time just in case.


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