Never wanting to go back

Oh god, I looked up some forums today to see what was out there for another forum I’m going to start.


I’ve been very, very happy with the forums I started. Thanks to this Dark Theme I find a very easy time navigating my own forums and the people who use it really like the style choices. Looking at another forum for creative streamers, I don’t even want to spend time on the site, it is painfully to my brain to navigate and is work to navigate. Making people -work- to navigate and post things, really gets in the way of good discussion.

The average (initial) post length on my forums is about a page long, with most responses being several paragraphs long. I thank a lot of this do to easy readability and comfort. It’s like walking into a well furnished, well maintained home instead of scummy crowded college house that’s a giant cluster****.

I never want to go back to terrible forums. Thanks Discourse people, for making awesome.