New Admin Sidebar...where's the Update Discourse button?

I feel like I’m stupid and missing something, but after enabling the new Admin sidebar the “Update Discourse” section is completely gone and it’s not in any of the sections in the sidebar? Am I just blind?


It should be one of the pinned ones right at the top. Though, does it appear when you use the search filter?

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No it’s just completely gone. Unless it only shows up when there’s a new update (which would be weird) since I just updated everything before I turned it on

Sidebar screenshots


Just to check, you’re not in safe mode? (As that would disable the docker manager plugin)

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Nope definitely not in safemode, it’s not there on mobile either. But it comes back once I turn off the new sidebar (with no other changes) and disappears once reenabled.

I can still access it with /update

Hmm. :thinking: I’ve just updated my test site to make sure nothing in the last day had any effect but I can still see the ‘update Discourse’ option pinned to the top of the admin sidebar.

Could you try safe mode but with only themes disabled to make sure that there’s nothing else hiding it?

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Tried it with themes disabled and then with all three boxes checked and still shows the exact same in the screenshots. Bizarre

Do you see something related to the admin sidebar in the browser’s console? (Right-click on the page → Inspect → Console tab)


The only thing in console (from the main admin dash) is

:information_source: Discourse v3.3.0.beta3-dev — Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub — Ember v5.5.0

Same here. I only update by mysite/update or by rebuild

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Hello, yeah I can repro it. In Hungarian language which is the default on my site is not available. If I change the language to English (US) the Update button appears in the sidebar.


Yes, I can repro now when I change to a few different default locales (not all though).


I had my site set to English (UK), setting it to English (US) makes it appear


Upgraded beta1 → beta3, I don’t see the link.

In the console I can see:

[AdminSidebar] Custom link root_admin_additional_root_admin_upgrade must have a valid I18n label, got admin.docker.update_tab

Source of the console log:

How the link is inserted:

Looking at the language files, most of the languages are missing the update_tab translation docker_manager/config/locales at main · discourse/docker_manager · GitHub


The issue will be fixed by this commit: