New admins can't enroll 2FA when enforce second factor is set to Staff

My community has recently enabled 2FA for Staff Members only with no issues until today. One of the admins notified me when on /u/User/preferences/second-factor would come up, but when clicking “Add Authentication” would ‘pop’ up the panel, but nearly instantly (less than a second later) go away and the page reloades.

I’ve impersonated a few admins who haven’t enabled 2FA yet and this issue is persistent across multiple browsers and accounts - no adblockers, etc. Just updated today.

Issue is still occurring on latest version. Is there any fix?

The page just randomly reloads with the following errors in browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: t is undefined
hasSecondFactors second-factor.js:47
u handle-descriptor.js:55
get Ember
untrack validator.js:670
Ember 3

Some errors might have lost because the page immediately reloads when I click the Add Authenticator button.

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There’s another report of issues with the reload here:

Sorry for the delay, I was meaning to try and repro this but it slipped away from me. :frowning: There’s been a second report now so I’ll combine the two topics together. :pray:


I’ll be updating our forums sometime this week. Should update you then if it was fixed.

This is not fixed (yet!)


Thanks for the reports, folks, this issue should have been fixed on November 16th, via this commit: FIX: Regression when enforced 2FA is enabled by pmusaraj · Pull Request #24415 · discourse/discourse · GitHub – I did a quick check locally just now and can’t reproduce it. Can you confirm again, please?

If you’re running a self-hosted instance, you might have to rebuild. If your site is hosted with us and you can still repro the issue, please let us know the URL so we can look into it further.


v3.2.0.beta3 +147 seems to be working with Staff 2FA on my forum. Thank you for the hard work.


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