Hitting enter key after entering password reloads page when managing 2FA

I got baffled by something and had to report this. Go to user settings and then Manage Two Factor Authentication.


Enter your password, hit the enter key… The page reloads. A typo, try again? Enter. Page reloads.

At this point I opened an incognito window and logged into Meta there, to verify that I hadn’t forgotten my password. No I hadn’t, the password was correct. I went back to the first tab, typed the password carefully character-by-character and then clicked the blue button. And it worked.

After some further testing I can confirm that hitting the enter key was the problem. Someone surely should look into this.

(I use Chrome on Windows 10.)


Yes @cvx is working on this, recent regression I think caused by @joffreyjaffeux refactorings?


The fix for this is already done, will be merged in soon! :slightly_smiling_face: