New beta causing frequent logouts in Safari on mobile

I’m using Safari to access several Discourse sites on mobile & being logged out of those sites every ~10 minutes, since the new beta went live.

I’m on iOS 13 but another user who’s reported this is on 12.3.1.

If there’s any extra info I can share to help troubleshoot this just let me know.


+1 I noticed this several times here on Meta today (iOS 12.3.1)

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Are you sure this isn’t an iOS 13 beta issue? I read that it is extremely buggy.

Me too but I haven’t had any issues until today and I’ve been on iOS 13 for over a week.

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It’s not an iOS 13 issue. We have users on Infinite Flight Community experiencing this on 12.3.1 & 12.3.2.

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Is this a plain Safari tab, a site under the “Add to homescreen” thing or our DiscourseHub app ?

It’s a plain Safari tab for me. Not incognito either, in case that makes a difference.

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How long to get logged out? 10 minutes or something like that?

The user who reported it to me said 10 minutes but I haven’t been logged out of this community since I created this topic. I was logged out earlier in the day while the tab wasn’t active.

I’ve been on meta for about 20 minutes from an iPad 12.3.1 and haven’t been logged out.

Try force quitting Safari & then reopening the app - that just logged me out.

Edit - & again.

Ditto, I have been on meta this entire time on iPad with no issues.

EDIT: wait, force closing the app DOES log me out @falco. Is this related to your offline changes?

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Looks like it affects iPhone and iPad is free from issues?

Another user’s just tried this & it logged them out too.

I can confirm repro of force closing the Safari app on iOS logging me out. I am not getting logged out otherwise though.


We are still diagnosing but we have a temporary workaround for you.

When this happens you actually are not logged out, go to the address bar and press “enter” and the site will re-load with you logged in. I verified this on my iPad.


That worked for me on my iPhone too.

This reminds me of an issue I have that results in the same behavior: loading Discourse and it showing me as logged out, but then refresh showing me as logged in.

In my case it happened when I clicked links from Kiwi, (a Gmail stand-alone app for Mac) using Safari as my default browser. I reported the problem here at one point before I realized it was always when clicking the link from Kiwi. If I copied the link and pasted it into an open Discourse tab I wouldn’t have any problems. But if I clicked the link and it used the same open tab, it wouldn’t work.

Just bringing it up in case it helps. Quite possibly unrelated.

Probably related, though if it happened prior to today, it is unlikely today’s fixes will address it.

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Please update to latest, the we removed all traces of offline functionality for Apple devices, so this logout won’t happen anymore.