New category permission : "Create and see"

I would like to see better group mentions and PMs.


Perhaps a search filter + minor change will give us a large amount of this request …

  • Allow users to easily create PMs to a group (without expansion hacks that are used with the @mention stuff) - never been a fan of the expansion hacks.

  • Allow for a search filter to:GROUP_NAME to see all PMs sent to a particular group in the full screen UI

Together I think this would cover the sentiment behind the original request.


Could also later explore things like a tabs on your own messages page for messages to groups you belong to:

and/or the group page itself:


That PM thing would be great. On Imgur Community it can be hard to find my personal conversations in the sea of flag-initiated PMs. It could also help address the problem with admins being deluged with their copy of outgoing Welcome messages.

Following up on this one, is it still planned? Or easily achieved? We’re approaching the point where the products I mentioned are up for renewal, if Discourse is going to offer a ‘create and see’ permission then now would be a great time to know :smiley:

“Create and See” works fine today, you simply create messages to a group. If you emails team@discourse it create a message that our team can read and reply to. It even stages a user for the person who sent the email.


How do we streamline that process for the original purpose though?

If we want users to create new threads for support, are we asking them to manually enter the group they want assistance from?

You can give out links like this one:


That doesn’t seem to work for groups, though, AFAICT. I get “Sorry an error has occurred” when trying it with the username=team here on meta, and the same error for a group of which I’m a member on my on Discourse site.

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@techapj can you take a look at the above?


Composing a pre-filled message to group was not supported, but now it is via:

So to compose a new pre-filled message for group, use this URL:

Notice groupname param in above URL, this means that you want to create a new pre-filled message for a group (as opposed to username for composing a message for user).


I am closing this cause this is now implemented using “group inboxes”

You define a group as the people who are allowed to process the topic list and then allow it to accept messages from any user in the forum.

Effectively this gives you “create and see”

  • Any user can create a message to the group

  • All members of the group can see the message (and archive if needed)