New Category request: "themes"

(Kane York) #1

Category description:

Share your Discourse themes here! Make sure to include a .dcstyle.json file in your post so that other people can use it.

Color: #D677D2 - a light purple

Parent category - extensibility? ux?

(Mittineague) #2

Is it
.dcstyle.json or
dcstylejson ?

(Kane York) #3

I changed it back to .dcstyle.json after that, and that’s what’s deployed.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

In what sense? What kind of themes? CSS only? How will they be exchanged?

(Kane York) #5

With files like this one. The code to do it is in the stable release, so that’s why I’m asking now.

edit: that file is 404?

A category proposal needs existing topics that would fit in, so I’m going to say that Sam’s personal minimal topic list design would belong in the new category.