New Category Setting - Make all topics wiki by default

What would you like done?

We’d like to see a new category setting that when enabled causes all new topics to be wiki topics by default. This is a minimum part of this topic. The make wiki action should happen regardless of the user’s trust level, bypassing site settings for min trust to edit wiki post and min trust to allow self wiki.

Some additional notes:

  1. This should not modify or work around the existing wiki site settings. The make wiki action should be done by System, not the user making the post.
  2. There does not need to be an edit log for the make wiki action, but having a log isn’t a problem.
  3. Users whose trust level is less than min trust to edit wiki post can edit their own wiki posts they created, but still cannot edit other wiki posts even in a wiki category - exactly how wiki editing works now.

The new settings page would look something like this (highlighting for screenshot emphasis only):

When do you need it done?

We’d like to see this done within a month’s time, with a hard deadline of January 6.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Negotiable. Please PM with an offer if interested.


This was completed by @joebuhlig and has been added to core. More info can be found here.