New Digital Ocean pricing! (Spoiler: $5 for a 1GB droplet)

(Jay Pfaffman) #1

Digital Ocean made some big changes today! Check out the new price list.

First, 1 GB droplet is now only $5/month!

Also, very good news for people with high volume sites, the fast CPU offerings now have reasonable amounts of SSD space.


Also new are “flexible droplets” that make it easy to switch between difference configurations to see what difference it makes to have more RAM, or more CPUs:


If you’ve got a 1GB droplet, you’ll likely want to shutdown, switch to the new 2GB droplet, and re-run discourse-setup to take advantage of the additional memory.

Downgrading from the old 1GB $10/month droplet to the new $5 one is more complicated because there’s less disk space, so you can’t just change. To do that, a safe path would be to create the new droplet, copy your old app.yml, rebuild, backup and restore your site to the new one and point to the new site.

Transitioning to Discourse later
(xiasummer) #2

I want to compare it with ramnode

And I’m wondering how different is 1 Core vs 2 Core, while both have 1G RAM?

And Linode is a great idea with the same price while Linode have the location of Japan, Singapore which are great for Asian users; UK,DE for European users, and US for American Users.

While digitalocean only have droplets located in US._Sorry, I get this info from another post, I should check again Well Digitalocean also have multiple locations.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This is not correct they have 10-12 data centers all over the world.

(Jae Van Rysselberghe) #5

Also Digital Ocean is going to be providing “per-second billing” soon.

I’m not exactly sure about the benefits of this.


(Jeff Atwood) #6

This way if you need an instance for a few hours, you are only billed for a few hours rather than a whole day. Or even 15 minutes.

(Héctor Fernández) #7

For me the most important feature to come is true private networking. This means for example that if you are running the database in a separate vm the communication goes through a isolated network. Right now in DigitalOcean the internal networking is shared.

(Saquib Rizwan) #8

No Doubt, I am very happy with this step. DigitalOcean has taken a great step by providing their services in cheaper rates. DO has one of the most affordable infrastructures with good quality of service. It is beneficial for both developers and startups because they can now get a production server in just $5, Even if they don’t know how to manage the servers, They can head to Cloudways, As they have also reduced the pricing on DigitalOcean server.

(Anton) #9


Exploring the $15 options for a moderately small community (up to 5k people, 500 new messages per day, 500k visits per month), the 2 vCPUs with 2GB RAM option looks better than the others two taking into account the specifics of the Discourse application?

I.e., a) 1GB is too little of memory; b) 3GB RAM vs 2GB RAM won’t make too much of a difference; you’ll have a ~2GB swap; and c) 2 vCPUs is definitely better than 1 vCPUs taking into account multitasking built into Discourse.

Do my arguments look right?

(Jeff Atwood) #10

2/2 seems like the best choice there.

(Vaping Community) #11

I’m currently using this package from them with Discourse Version v2.0.0.beta2 +72 / 2.0.0.beta2

And experiencing high memory usage with only me on Discourse:

Any advice on troubleshooting this?

Edit: Upgraded to 4GB Memory and added a 2GB swap file. Memory usage is still around 50% though

(Felix Freiberger) #12

Is there any problem with this high memory usage? :slight_smile:

Free memory is wasted memory – the setup script intentionally tunes Discourse and Postgres to use the available memory to speed up request processing.

(Vaping Community) #13

Thanks for your reply! I’ll just keep an eye on it

(Jeff Atwood) #14

We already knew the lower prices were here, but nice to see it broken out in this way, and you do get a choice at $15/month of 1 more CPUs, or 50% more RAM.


DO is really overpriced and not worth it imo, i have an 8 core server, 6GB ram, 185GB HDD and 1Gbps (not full duplex) for just 13.8 USD

(Jay Pfaffman) #16

And where do you get that deal?

#17 is the place

(Jay Pfaffman) #20

Hmm. THeir 1GB-$5/month offering isn’t that different from Digital Ocean’s, albeit offers 4 cores. The $15/month plan does look appealing, though, especially for those in Europe.