Performance on new DigitalOcean Premium droplets

Hello everyone,

Iā€™m curious to know if someone has already tested the new premium droplets of DigitalOcean that offer both NVMe SSD and quicker CPUs. As I asume mostly have their Discourse deployed on Droplets (as do I) probably someone already did the resizing.

I am not able to resize my instance and will only be capable to test in the weekend, but if the gains are big enough I might change the region just to do it. :sweat_smile:

More details:


Reading the specs it is likely there will be a noticeable difference

Ram speed makes a reasonable difference, top clock speed as well


I was thinking exactly that. Discourse should benefit a lot from these. Now to see what is better, slightly lower clock speed for faster RAM or viceversa.

Other than rebuilding, what could be a good way to test it? Iā€™m thinking on some stress testing with something like K6 or JMeter


The ideal test is probably discourse bench:

Setting it up is a bit tricky, I should at some point make a Dockerfile for it.


One easy way to test the all around hosting performance @codinghorror uses is timing rebuilds. I went ahead and did a 4 way test in Digital Ocean:

Droplet Type Price Time
Basic $5 5m18.476s
Basic Intel Premium $6 4m19.710s
Basic AMD Premium $6 3m45.489s
CPU Optimized $40 3m33.580s

So, it looks like, for people on the $5 droplet, moving to a $6 AMD one is a pretty good deal.