New Group Tab To Show Permissions


In larger Discourse communities, there can be many dozens of groups and many dozens of Categories and subCategories.

It would be helpful, in managing permissions/access between the groups and Categories, to have a tab for each group that shows which Categories where this group is included in the Security permissions.

This would make it much easier for admins, moderators, and group owners to confirm that their groups (and group members) have access to all the Categories they should and none of the Categories they shouldn’t.

Thank you for your consideration.


That does seem like a good idea for a group tab, since the main purpose of groups is indeed some form of category security :+1:

I know @dax has discussed this before, did you have any thoughts? :thinking:


Yes, this is what we are already discussing internally, i.e. making the relationship between groups and categories more evident without having to access each category settings or group settings to check which groups are allowed access.

I don’t think that initially we will implement a new page in itself, we will probably decide to implement something directly on the group page or on the category page.



It’d be great to have the visibility in both places, because any given Category might have multiple groups with access and any given group might have access to multiple Categories.

Surfacing these permissions in both places simplifies and clarifies either question:

  • Is this Category set up correctly?
  • Is this Group set up correctly?