User groups view: showing categories that belong to each group

(Markus) #1

I’m hosting a a fully closed internal discourse system with a lot of user groups and each of them belongs to a single / multiple categories. My problem is, that I don’t wanna lose the overview.

I’d like to see in my user groups settings / admin panel which user group has access into which category. With more than 30 categories, it sometimes get’s hard to recognize all of them.

  1. Does anyone has a similar problem?
  • Is there a spesific reason why admins couldn’t get an recursive overview?
  • Would it be hard to implement this feature?

Thank you all in advance,

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you visually mock up what you are proposing?

(Markus) #3

##Maybe this way:

(Ted Strauss) #4

I really like this idea!

(Markus) #5

Here is another, I guess more commonly used, practice of setting up privileges: