New Messaging Workflow

We have been lacking decent workflows for dealing with messages. At small scale it is not much of a problem, if you only have 3 messages, you don’t need too much fancy. But as you accumulate messages working with them becomes hard.

Recently I added a few features to ease working with message backlogs.

  • You can archive messages in bulk from your inbox which moves them to the “Archive” folder

  • At the bottom of every message there is an “Archive” button.

  • Messages can be similarly moved out of the Archive mailbox

  • If anything new is posted in an archived message, message moves from Archive into Inbox.

This round of changes effectively enable “inbox 0” if you so desire.

In additional to this change, we are also aware of archiving in a “Team” context. If you are in a team mailbox (or message) and archive it, it will be come archived for the entire team. This allows a team member to clear up the entire team mailbox.


This should be merged with the concept of archiving topics since conceptually it is very similar.


May all automatic welcome private messages be archived by default (in the sender’s profile)? They’re configured to come from my inbox, and I get quite a lot of them in my inbox.

This has been mentioned by @sam already here:


Will searching messages search the Archive folder as well, or will it need to be searched separately? (As long as it can be searched, I’ll be happy.)

Yeah it does :smiley: But need to add a filter to allow for exclusive archive searching


Can you indicate number of messages in each folder? Would be nice for notifications as well, to show Eg how many likes I have gotten.