New pending application generates staff notification

Hi community

Is it possible for each new pending application to generate a notification to @staff — or even to a specific administrator — upon submission? Or alternatively, to a nomindated email address.

We rotate the task of screening only each month, so modifying a site setting would not be problematic in this context. My attempts to locate an answer elsewhere were not successful. TIA. R

When you say pending application, what type or kind of application do you mean? Currently all post approvals and sign up approvals get notifications to the Moderators, so an admin will need to be a moderator to get the notification

I mean pending applications to join the site. Rather unusually our site screens everybody and then sets them to trust level 2 (TL2) on admission. Here is a pixelated screenshot of a pending application:

image redacted

Your comment about moderators getting notified only makes sense if administrators are not also moderators. I though administrators are a subset of moderators. Am I mistaken? Thanks too for your help @osioke. R

I removed the image as one could still see PII from the pixelated section.

There is a site setting for that, see default trust level site setting. I/We strongly suggest leaving this at TL0 though.

You can be either of the 2 or both, there really isn’t subsets here. Even though there were, admins cannot be a subset of moderators as they have more abilities than moderators. See Description of various user states in Discourse (Admin / Moderator / Staff / Developer / Other) for an explanation of each one.

Thanks again @osioke . We do have default trust level set to 2. I know full well that is counter to recommendation. But our community is predominantly academic. And the limit on posting URLs was causing annoyance. In our three years of operation, we have not had a single moderation issue. Indeed our site seems to has been running that long without a single moderator, albeit inadvertently!

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