New posts count in browser tabs broken

(David Taylor) #22

“Display new / update topic count in title” is not quite right. It’s actually

Display new / updated topic count in topic lists, and unseen reply count in topics

But that’s turning into a bit of an essay. I’m struggling to come up with a more concise version… Maybe

  • Display unread notification count in title

  • Display contextual counter in title


Also, which option would you like as the default? (Given that most people will never bother to change this).

(Jeff Atwood) #23

The current default is fine. Opening fifty bazillion tabs isn’t a common use case.

(Sam Saffron) #34



We removed disable_jump_reply setting which was a fundamentally wrong and only partial broken solution to “allow me to jump to first unread in a topic”.

We added default_title_count_mode which allows admins to choose the default behavior for the count in the title (either contextual or notification count).

Users can select how the count in the title works per:

The count will be “unseen notification” by default, but they can switch it to “unseen page content” if they wish.

We decided to keep Show new / updated topic count on browser icon cause many sites amended the default here and the feature is widely used.

Will disable_jump_reply make a return?
(Jeff Atwood) #35

Unseen is kinda… bad copy here. I suggest “New” as a simpler alternative.

  • New notifications
  • New topics / posts

I know it’s not 100% accurate but… nobody cares about that level of accuracy, and “unseen” is going to cause misunderstandings.

(Sam Saffron) #36

Fixing it right now!

(David Taylor) closed #37

You can now choose between the two behaviours in your user settings.