New Reply Notifications in Website Title

(patrick) #1

I would like the title of my site to change, according to whether or not there are new replies on the current page that I have not read.

So for example, if I have my browser up, I wouldn’t need to be viewing the discourse website to see if a new reply was posted. Instead I would be able to tell by the title (which displays on the tab), if there are new messages to read.

Does discourse already have this feature?

(Dave McClure) #2

There is a user preference to:

Show incoming message notifications on favicon (experimental)

(patrick) #3

Awesome thanks. I will try it out.

(cpradio) #4

Granted, I haven’t had any success with that working anywhere else except Meta :confused:

(Dave McClure) #5

Never actually used it myself either…

(cpradio) #6

Just discovered it works on another Discourse instance, but not the one I’m staff at… weird…

I’ve come close to writing a UserScript to provide this functionality, just haven’t done it yet.


It’ll be due to our customisation.

(cpradio) #8

Ends up it does work on our instance for some… It seems two members (including @TechnoBear now) seem to have it functioning, while I do not. And now @TechnoBear is gloating about it via PM, lol. Something about it only working for those who are “nice” :wink:


Weird… I wonder what browser she is on.

(cpradio) #10

Various. The second member, uses Chrome on Mac and Linux (same as I do for Linux). She was using Firefox on Ubuntu and Chromium on Ubuntu (Chromium worked, Firefox did not).

So it seems flaky for some reason :confused:

(Mittineague) #11

The Admin Setting for this does say something like "notifications in tab - experimental).
Experimental to me indicates that it might work, might not work, might work only sporadically.

So though I sometimes see it here at meta (like the “unread” count, it seems to be tied with cache-refresh) I haven’t really analyzed it any.

(TechnoBear) #12

I’m using Firefox, which works for Meta, but not on ours. After another member confirmed it works on our site for him on Chromium, I tested that and it does work for me, but as I prefer Firefox for a number of reasons, that’s not really much help.

(On the other hand, my Firefox spellchecker works just fine on our instance, but not here. Go figure.)

(Sam Saffron) #13

Amending title based on new replies to a topic is not something we do yet

But we will get to it shortly

Works fine on the front page though

(cpradio) #14

Yep, I’m fully aware it is experimental, which is why I’m not stressing about it too much (well until @TechnoBear started to give me a hard time about it :wink: – all in good fun, of course)