New site setting to hide user profiles by default

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Thanks. Could you provide more information about that feature ?

It’s the new default hide profile and presence admin setting that sets the “Hide my public profile and presence features” on a user’s Profile/Interface page to be default enabled (thus hiding their profile and presence by default)

It was proposed in this #feature topic - Opt-in to show user profile instead of opt-out


Could you elaborate a bit on the meaning of “public” in this context?

Who can see the user profile if the user has not opted in?

Is there a way to show profiles only for members of shared groups or more restrictively, for shared groups that require approval?

I have explained my reasons for requests like this here:

I’m afraid it doesn’t change the behaviour of the setting in any way, only what is marked as the default.

If a user has ‘Hide my public profile and presence features’ enabled it will hide their profile and ‘x is typing’ indicator from anon and all non-staff users.

There are a couple of connected admin settings that also have an effect - allow users to hide profile and hide user profiles from public (which disables user information features for anon), but neither would limit avatar visibility.

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