New to gsoc

I’m completely new to contributing in projects, never contributed even in one project
My About

I’m a first year student at IIT-M, pursuing BS. Data Science.
I’m quite familiar with python programming.
I’ve programmed some telegram bots.
never used anything else other than Google colab to code.
How do I start my journey for Gsoc ?
Please guide me.
What should I add to my skill set
Nd please recommend me some projects that I can contribute in or have to create from scratch.

Hello and welcome @Akvs_2021 :slight_smile:

Is it Discourse development you’re interested in? If so there’s a great guide here on how to get started Learn how to start building stuff for Discourse if you're newbie (like myself)

If not, then I’ll just make sure you’re in the right forum. :slight_smile: This place is specifically for discussion and support for Discourse:


Hi @Akvs_2021 :wave: is this what you are referring to?

If so, I don’t believe Discourse is a participating organization. I also think 2023 program is finished.


Yes this is what I’m referring to, I’m preparing for 2024 gsoc. Any idea where can I get the right guidance?