New topic button not showing, latest version

almost all settings are default. created new user to check if problem is permission issue but it is not.

we can see/click the bottom new conversation link but the new topic button doesn’t exist on top for anyone and any role.

where do we enable this new topic button is this a bug?

we are on the latest version 3.3.0.beta1-dev

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Welcome to Meta! :discourse2:

I can access the “New Topic” button while in safe mode. Disabling the themes and theme components causes the button to appear, indicating an issue with them.


yep deleting other themes fixed the problem
I installed and tested lots of themes and we realised that was the cause

thank you :slight_smile:


Are you saying new topic button is conflicting with many themes?

yep that was the case
clearing themes fixed the problem
don’t ask me which themes don’t even remember now :rofl:

when we first installed the discourse I installed lots of themes to just see and test them
from here

But that would mean the component is broken then, right?


there was a conflict there for sure or this wouldn’t have happened

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