“New topic” button working incorrectly

When I hit the “New topic” button it does not immediately bring up the new topic form. Instead, the form is displayed after I select one of the threads in the forum. It still appears that it is creating a new topic, but in the background. Once you open any existing topic, the new topic you were trying to create appears (completely correct; i.e. for the forum you intended to post in, even if the topic you entered is in a different forum).

This is only happening on one site (https://discussions.scouting.org/), so I presume it’s something they have configured incorrectly. I’ve brought this issue up there, to no avail.

Does this occur in safe mode?

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This is not reproducible in safe mode. There is a custom theme / css that is causing this issue.


The admins have added a CSS customization that looks like this:

body:not([class*="category-council-"]):not(.staff).closed-topic .reply, 
body:not([class*="category-council-"]):not(.staff).closed-topic #topic-footer-buttons .create, 
body:not([class*="category-council-"]):not(.staff).closed-topic .timeline-container .create, 
body:not([class*="category-council-"]):not(.staff).closed-topic #reply-control {
  display: none !important;

This appears to be ok at initial glance, but then I can see body.closed-topic is applied to the topic list… which really doesn’t make sense.

This class isn’t in Discourse by default, so tracking down another customization that adds that…

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
const container = Discourse.__container__;
const controller = container.lookup("controller:topic");
const currentUser = api.getCurrentUser();

api.onPageChange(() => {

  if (!currentUser || currentUser.admin || currentUser.moderator || currentUser.trust_level != 4 ) {
  } else {
    let model = controller.get("model");
    if (model) {
      if (!model.closed) {


So here, if you’re logged in, not an admin, not a moderator, and are trust level 4… then it adds the closed-topic class to the page body.

This class is only removed if model.closed is false, which means… if it’s not a closed topic (or even if it’s not a topic at all) the closed-topic class will be applied.

This line:


should probably be within if (model) because otherwise it’s applied even when there’s no model present (e.g., when you’re not within a topic)…

It seems the intention was to prevent trust level 4 users from replying to closed topics, but it’s applied too broadly.


Thanks much, this is what I was looking for.

Heheh I wonder if I’m the reason for that change. I discovered that bug and exploited it liberally. I never grasped the reason to require people to start a new thread when you’ve got additional information to add to an old one.

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