New Topic button on /categories

It’s a shame to open a new topic on this tiny issue but it triggered my OCD, on the /categories page only, the + New Topic lacks a space between the + and New Topic


This is a bug in the markup, that page should have a span around the button text so it can be hidden at small widths. Can you take this @techapj?

You can compare markup and CSS behavior on that button with latest.

Actually the + is a FontAwesome icon on the ::before of the button, and it has the same CSS classes on both pages.

Also, your styling appears a bit off. I can’t repro this here or in Try as user or admin.

I can reproduce try a narrower browser width. Regardless we have dupe markup that has not been normalized with latest page.

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OK, I’ve added the necessary <span></span> tags so this will work as expected. On a small width the button will be simply the plus glyph.