New topic button shows with incorrect trust level using "no tags" filter

Currently, a user who does not have the appropriate trust level in a category can access the new topic composer if they choose the “no tags” filter or any other specific tag filter.

The trust levels to access the topic composer only work properly under “all tags”.



Something may be not right here, but I am quite against the pattern of showing “New Topic” greyed out. It is confusing and leads to questions long term.

My call here would be just to show the new topic button unconditionally, rather that try being fancy about greying it.

Then on click we could display a modal

Sorry you do not have access to posting topics in the #feature:announcements category.

@codinghorror what are your thoughts here? Should we change it so we show the button and let logged on accounts click and learn why they can not post topics?

Regardless the tagging control should not be messing with the permission check, but stuff gets ultra complex with tag/category pairs. You may have permission to post topic in a category but no permission to use the tag.


If a user does not have access to a category or a tag, the new topic button should be greyed out or not shown. And if a user hovers over the greyed out button, it should show “you do not have access to post here”.

It’s a bit un-intuitive to have a modal pop up telling a user they do not have access since it requires an extra step to indicate their lack of access.

Yes, definitely, we’ve fully established this is a better UI pattern for “why can’t I do something”.

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The problem with hover is that it does not work very well with mobile users. It’s also not possible to copy the message if you want to write the message somewhere (for example, to ask why you don’t have such permission), making necessary another step and possibly typo errors.