New Topic dialogue: Tag list populated with random tags instead of requirements

I’m trying to enforce tags in a category - the requirements are easy enough - but for the end users it’s very confusing, because the tag list doesn’t populate with options from the requirements.

Forum category: meetings, for tracking meeting agendas and minutes. annual meetings, monthly meetings, and extraordinary meetings.
I’ve set the requirements of minimum 2 tags, but the tag suggestions autopopulate with the most commonly used tags, not the contents of the required tags lists:

documents: agenda or minutes
type: monthly, annual, extraordinary

*Remind me to ban the person who keeps abusing tags about birds.

It complains about not enough or incorrect tags…but doesn’t make the choice intuitive. Is there a way to force populate the list if two tag groups are required?

Example where I force zero tags, but one tag group is locked to that category:
The intuitive list populates.

I can group all the tags into one group for the list to populate… and require one from each sub-group …which mostly works but precludes me from adding month and year tags…eventually it’ll need a dozen year tags, a dozen month name tags, and all of those will drown out the truly required categorization tags. If I check ‘Also allow other tags’ the suggestion list devolves back to ‘popular garbage’.

Is there any way to get the best of both worlds? Pre-filled specific tag list and ability to freeform other tags?

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