Allow requiring tags from multiple tag groups

We are trying to use tags as a lightweight classification tool, as opposed to categories. It would be useful to require a tag from more than one tag group. In this case we would like to require a tag from the ‘equity-, debt-, or alt-’ tag group, and also require a tag from the ‘Deal Status’ tag group. Is it possible?


No, this is not possible at the current time. It also sounds extremely complicated to explain to users.

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Another use case for this would be a writing site, we want to require a tag from a genre group and then a sub-genre.

Tag groups are an excellent feature, and requiring tags from separate groups would improve it even more.

Considering that when you create a topic in a category that requires a tag from a group, it won’t show you any other tags until you select from there, it shouldn’t be confusing to the end-user that they have to pick a tag from the ones they can see, and when they do, the second selection presents it self.


For 1 category, I have 2 groups of tags.

When I write a topic, I would like to be able to see the name of the 2 groups, as well as the list of tags of each group under their name. Currently the tags of the 2 groups are listed without any differentiation.

Is it possible to see the 2 lists with their group name, so that we can easily select 1 tag from group 1 with 1 tag of group 2 ?