New Topic URL shortcut not working from `/latest` route

/new-topic used to work perfectly with Tab-Bar component in mobile. But after the Discourse 2.3 beta 5 update, it stopped working (or rather it stopped working from a lot of routes). I notified Osama for this at the Tab Bar component topic and also exchanged a few messages about it. So the issue happened in Ember >= 3.7.0

“Then” should be getting executed in line 58 but due to some reason, it’s aborting that part. Can someone tell how this can be solved and /new-topic be fixed again to work in mobile with Tab-Bar?


This turned out to be a more general problem. Any links to /new-topic from /latest would fail. That includes links from theme components, global notices, or banner topics. The issue should now be fixed, following:

@thegurjyot please can you confirm that this fixes the problem for you? The fix should hit tests-passed in the next few minutes.


Yep, that’s exactly the bug I’ve fixed. Unfortunately the fix didn’t quite make it to tests-passed yet, but I’ll update here when it does.

Edit: it’s in tests-passed now


I just updated the website to the latest version and this problem seems to be fixed. Thanks a lot @david for this fix. :slight_smile:


Awesome, it works! Question: is it supposed to redirect you to the homepage and then prompt the composer?

Yes, it should direct to /latest. If you specify a category in the link, then it will direct you to the latest page for that specific category.


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