Latest revision update prevents mobile forum display


Since the latest revision update, I am unable to view ANY forum section on mobile. My other members are reporting the same issue.

See screenshot below (remove dashes):

@codinghorror @eviltrout

Mobile is working fine here, what plugins and site customizations are you running?

We aren’t running any plugins and the customizations we have don’t affect the issue.

Are you able to reproduce the issue here on meta?

If not, try updating to latest.


We are running v1.4.0.beta9 +21 1.4.0.beta9.

Why is this issue happening? It’s happening on iPhone / Android… who knows what else as well.

This unclear.

  • No, you are not able to update to latest?

  • No, the issue is not happening on meta?

Try your site with all customizations disabled? does it go away?


cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Try linking us to your site so we can have a look.

The categories tab on mobile is broken. That is the issue. It happens on the meta also.

Visit on mobile, select categories.


Can you just reply here once a fix is issued? Thanks a lot. I’ve helped you guys find 3 bugs today.

I very much appreciate it, I always reply to my bugs with a link to the PR once I fix.

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Fixed per:

Keep bug reports coming, we upgrade emberjs once every 3 months and after the upgrade there are usually a pile of cases we missed.


The issue is that we just did a massive Ember upgrade today, these are some of the absolute riskiest upgrades we do. So your “I think I’ll update to latest” timing is … unfortunate :smiley:

As they say, “looks like you picked the wrong day to be on latest”