"We haven't seen you in a while" doesn't actually bring you to Top

I just logged into another Discourse and it seems like it wanted to put me on /top, but I’m on Latest instead:

The URL in the browser says:


And the topics all just look like the latest ones:

Version header from site shows:

Discourse 1.9.0.beta13 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version cbdfc85466e049c53c01a759f5824d6431187a50
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Hmm, I did fix that a couple of weeks ago.

Not sure if any of this is helpful @zogstrip, but here are the steps I remember taking before I grabbed that screenshot:

I got a digest email, and clicked on one of the links in there. Then I logged in, using Google auth. Then I was in the state shown above in the screenshot.

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Is the target site on a new enough version to have that fix?

Yes, commonmark’s forum had the fix at the time of the report…


Can you repro this now?

Took me a while to remember a forum that I might not have visited in long enough, but just repro’d on https://discuss.kotlinlang.org/ which is on commit 7163bf9323618728a548aaaf133a93581db541f6 (3 days ago):


@zogstrip this needs another look. It has also regressed multiple times now…

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Sorry for the delay, @mcwumbly, but it should now be fixed thanks to @david’s work :ok_hand:


I think (but haven’t checked) that this regressed when user-selectable home pages were added.

I’ve now added some tests so hopefully it won’t happen again. The redirection is tested for /, /latest and /categories.


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