New User Accounts not seeing Categories on Dashboard

So I have it configured for Categories to be the first thing a user sees when they log in. When a user creates an account, the categories page is blank even though they have permissions and can post to these categories. Is there a way for by default a user to see all the categories they have permissions to see/post show up on their own

As you can see in the screenshot, the categories page is blank, but if I click new topic, I can post to any of the categories.

Did you alter the About Descriptions of each category?

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No, here is what I have for our “General” category


Go to

A recent ember bug was the cause of this issue. I hope this helps you as it helped me!

When I added descriptions they showed up.


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Yeah, by design, Discourse will hide categories that still have their default description from the Categories page. You can still post topics into them, they just do not show up on the Category Listing Page.