When do category descriptions appear in the category list box?

hello i managed to install discourse through Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) but now im having challenges on building my first community. First i need help with category placement. i want my categories to be arrange like in the discourse Demo (see image) with the definition under each category! how can i achieve this?


Edit the settings on the category and click ‘Edit Description’ - once edited it will appear below the category.


One thing to note - even if you add a category description, the description will only display in that dropdown for non-staff users that are Trust Level 0. See below:


thanks for the reply but i did as you instructed yet it didn’t work. i wanted a description under category Agriculture. is there a easier way please for as i mention this is my first community so i don’t have knowledge of building with discourse? see imageCapture11

You won’t see it as explained above. Descriptions are only visible to trust level 0 (new) users.

If your site is a new community with bootstrap mode still running then the first 50 users are created at trust level 1 and won’t see it either.


when i did as instructed this is what i got